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What should be in your makeup kit?

Hey lovely ladies!

This post is for those who are new to MAKEUP! But, it does not mean it's not for those who are old :D It is useful for you too. The girls who doesn't know what to buy and what to have in their makeup bag, this post is dedicated to YOU :) Sometimes they miss out something and sometimes they end up buying alot. I can tell that from my experience. When I was new, I didn't know what to buy and what is perfect for me and what should be in my makeup bag. I had many things which I didn't needed and I had somethings which I didn't had but I needed them. It's not a big issue that you don't know. It happens and that is why we are here to help you girls out. :)
Here are the 10 top things which one should have in their makeup bags.

1. Foundation.

It can be of any shape, shape means; liquid, mousse or stick. Whatever suits your skin the best. Always keep in mind that buy the shade of foundation which is a tone darker to your skin tone. Do not run for lighter tones, it will make you look grey. So, always buy a tone darker. Check on the cheeks of your face before buying it. Check all the brands on your skin and then buy.

2. Concealer. 

Concealers play an important role on your face. It helps tp hide your dark circles, redness, acne marks and un-even skin tones. Again, concealers can be liquid, mousse or the ones which comes in sticks. If you are going for your dark circles, check them on your dark circles. I am fair, but I have very dark circles. It was hard for me to select the right tone. As I had to buy very dark color to hide them. I bought Luscious Studio Concealer in No.2, but it was too light for me. I didn't wanted to go for No.3 to match my color as they are bit expensive. So, I tried Rimmel and I kind of like it.

3. Compact Powder / Loose Powder. 

To give your foundation a complete look, you should apply compact or loose powder. You can apply it without applying foundation too, if you are going out for shopping or when you don't feel like applying foundations. Compact/ Loose powder is a must have. Every girl should have it in their makeup bag. For starters, I would prefer them to use compact powder, as it is much easier to use. Luscious has good compact powders but they come in only 3 shades, if they match your skin tones go for it. Else, Etude also have good compact powders. Luscious as compared to Etude is pricey, but it gives flawless look.

4. Blush / Bronzer / Contouring Powder.

Blush, bronzers and contouring powders are also must haves and one should have in their makeup bags. Makeup is incomplete without them. When you are going for a complete look, always contour your cheek bones, nose area, jaw line and temples. After contouring powder, you need a blush to make apples of your cheeks brighten up with pinks or oranges or plum shades. Blush comes in 3 types. Powder (baked) , loose powder and cream blush. If you have too oily skin, do not go for cream blushes. Powder blushes are best. Luscious, Etude and Rimmel have amazing colors and are affordable. If you are looking for cream blushes, Maybelline has good colors.

5. Eye shadows.

For starters, I would suggest you to buy a palette of maximum 9 to 15 colors. Not more than that. Select the palette which has basic colors that you can use. Not too vibrant colors that you can not use. Think before you buy. Go for palettes which has neutral warm colors and some highlight colors. Karaja has good palettes with warm colors and little shimmer in it. Else, if you are looking for some low cost ones, Glamorous has a good 18 colors palette which you can see in the above picture 1, they are bit shimmery. Don't go for single shadows, because that will be costly for you. But, if you want to buy just some of them. Go for colors like golds, bronze, greens, a shade of dark blue, whites or creams. But again, it's better to buy a palette instead of single colors.

6. Brushes.

Brushes are another thing which one should have in their makeup bag. But not just any brushes. Always check the quality of the brushes. Just for the sake of low cost, don't go for brushes which have hard bristles. It will damage your skin, aswell as the result will not be good. It's hard to find good quality brushes. Earlier, I bought one Etude brush which lasted me long and it was one of the best brush I had. I couldn't find it again. But, now you can find good quality brushes. Luscious has one. For starters, don't go for the big roll with all the brushes. Go for the 7 piece Essential kit. The brushes are soft and helps you blend the colors easily. Also keep in mind, love your brushes and keep them clean. Clean things will last long.

7. Eye liner.
You can buy an eye liner according to your need. You will find liquid eye liners, pencil eye liners, gel eye liners and cake eye liners. In liquid eye liners, you will find many types of applicators. Whatever your find is easy for you, and easy to apply, buy that. If you like colored ones, go for them too. 

8. Mascara.
You will find good mascaras in every brand. Some are not what they say, but check before you buy. I use Luscious and Karaja's at the present and also Lancome. But, Lancome is not available here, so I will not recommend you. Maybelline has good range of Mascaras aswell. Pick which is right for you.

9. Kajal / Kohl.
IF you are a Kajal and black eyes lover like me, it should be in your makeup bag :D You can buy black eye pencils from Luscious, Diana of London, Rimmel or some other brand. I personally love Hashmi Kajal, because that is the one which gives perfect black eyes. 

10. Lipsticks and glosses.
Ofcourse, one should have both of them in their makeup bag. IF you don't like bold colors, go for nude shades or light pink shades. If you like bold colors, then ofcourse any color you want, you can pick. Try mixing your lipsticks to get a shade. Don't end up buying too many colors. That's your choice on which colors you like.

This post is getting longer and longer, but I wanted to make everything very clear and defined.I hope this post was helpful for starters, as well as for others too. I have not mentioned many brands, because I haven't used them all. The ones I use, I have mentioned.
If you have any questions regarding anything, please feel free to ask. :) You can ask me here, or on my facebook page or you can email me too :)
LOVE you all.

-Rabeeyah! :)

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