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January Favorites!

Hello beautiful girls!

How are you today? And, how was your January 2011? The first month of this year went really nice. Started my first contest on Facebook page, won a contest myself :) , followers on facebook page went from 30 to 100 :) [good success for me] and all the love from my beautiful readers :) It is all because of you, that I reached 100 followers on facebook and 57 on the blog channel :)
Did alot of exciting things in this month! Used alot of things and LOVED alot of things in this month, which I will share with you now. 
These are some of my FAVORITES which I used in the month of January. First, I will show you the beauty products I used the most and then, non - beauty products I used and loved.

Let's get started :)

Favorite Beauty Products :

These are the few products I used alot in the month of January. They include :
1. Luscious HD Mineral Foundation in Sand 1.5.
2. Luscious Ultra Protective Whitening UV Base. (my all time favorite)
3. Luscious Blush in Sparkle.

4. Rimmel Lipstick in Airy Fairy.
5. The Body Shop Liquid lip color in 04.
6. The Body Shop Cream cheek blush in Golden Pink.
7. Luscious Incredible Lash Mascara.
8. Luscious eye pencils in Black onyx and Dark chocolate.
9. The body shop Lip Butter in Shea Butter.
10. Lip Balms by H&M in Caramel Fudge and a Fruit Lip balm.

Phew! That was a long list, but yeah these are the things I used the most. I am kind of obsessed with different lip balms. Also, it was winters, I had to take care of my lips using lip balms. I used all the 3. Sounds weird ? :D But, I used the fruity one the whole day and the other 2, alternate days, before going to bed. I already reviewed about the Lip butter and the other H&M is amazing too. It's not a review but, I am kind of sharing a little bit about it. It is very creamy and the next day you wake up, you still feel it on your lips. That is the reason I apply it before going to bed. 

Here is the closer view of the LIP PRODUCTS. I am obsessed with different flavors and different fragrance. :) And, all of them smell amazing and taste good :)

 Here are the FACE & EYE PRODUCTS. I am currently using 2-3 mascaras, but the one I use the most is the Luscious Incredible Mascara. I never go out without a Whitening base, Kajal and blush :) Nowadays, I use Black onyx to line my waterline and then I use Dark chocolate to go underneath it. It really brightens up your eyes and makes it look big. And, ofcourse one should never go out without a good Sunscreen and for me Luscious Ultra Protective Whitening UV base works the best. It is the best sunscreen :)

Favorite Non - Beauty Products :


These are the Non - Beauty products, which includes everything about body care, skin care and hair care products :) Products are:
1. The Body Shop - Strawberry Body Butter.
2. Boots - Melon and Peppermint Body scrub.
3. Vaseline Body Lotion in Aloe vera.
4. Johnson's Baby Massage Oil.
5. John Frieda Ready to Wear - Shinning Hair Serum. 
6. Salon Chic - Straightening Hair Mist.
7. Aroma Burner.

It was winter time, so more body lotions, body butter and massage oils are in the random things. These are the things which will change every month. As winters will go and summers will come :) things will change gradually. I love pampering my skin and one should pamper their skin in winters, with lots of lotions and oils. You must be thinking baby massage oil? But yeah, it's best for winters after shower. I love the smell of it. Then comes the body lotion and body butter with yummiest smell. I have already reviewed about the Boots body scrub, it smells amazing and make your skin feel like princess :D I LOVE everything which has good smell, that is why I love Aroma Burner too. I lit it every afternoon and I enjoy my room filled with rosy lavender smell :D Specially, in winters you love your room to be filled with nice smell. But, I think it will work the whole year :D

So, these were some of my JANUARY FAVORITES. I hope you enjoyed it. What were your favorites? Do share with me what were your favorite products. I would love to know that :) Next will be the REVIEW of something very cute and tasty. Any guesses? :D ... Keep guessing... :D

Till then, take good care of yourself, eat healthy and....
Stay Beautiful :)

Love you all <3


  1. Nice .. I will be doing same post tomorrow :)
    I love Luscious Mascara :)

  2. Thank you Fizza and Sarah!
    Yeah I love Luscious Mascara

  3. hmm very nice. btw where did u got dis aroma burner frm??? i wanna have one too. i use candles for refreshing.

    hmmmm next review wud b somthing regarding any lip product i guess. lol

  4. Thank you Sobia :) I got mine from Dubai, but I have seen it here too in different shops in different malls. If I see one, I will let you know :) I have candles too :)

    Emm...nothing about beauty product ;)

  5. Boots bath & body stuff smells sooo good! ;)

  6. I agree Leslie :) They smell just amazing and refreshing. :)

  7. like your aroma burner Rabeeyah.I've seen the smaller version at The body shop.
    Nice post:)

  8. Thank you Shahtaj :) Yeah, I saw it at The Body Shop too :)

  9. Great post :) thanks for sharing Rabeeyah. you have a great collection :)


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