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It's all about NAILS !

Hello beautiful girls!

It's my first ever blogpost about Nail color. I LOVE applying nail polish since childhood. I had so many of them, and if anyone wanted to gift me, they always gifted me a nail polish. But those were tiny ones with glitter in it. 

Now, I usually apply BOLD and BRIGHT colors. I don't like glitter nail polishes. It's hard to take them out, though they look really pretty. Sometimes it's good to have nude or light colored nails. I don't apply nail colors according to season, I apply according to my mood :D But, that's your choice. Anyways, today I have a cute color to show with a review of the brand and a tip. Let's get started..

This is one of my favorite colors since October. It is by Luscious and the color is Cotton Candy. Luscious has a wide range of beautiful bright colors to bold colors as well as lights and nudes. I love almost all of the colors they have. I have some of them which I really LOVE. But, as you know every product has pros and cons. Shall we start with pros and cons first? :D
* Vibrant color.
* Good formula.
* Thick consistency, 2 coats are enough. But if you want a little more vibrant then 3 coats are perfect.
* Wide range of beautiful colors.


* Some of the brushes are too thin. ( not all of them )

This is the only one con I found. I was really disheartened and disappointed to see some of the nail polishes with a bad quality and thin brush applicators. But, some of them has really good ones too. I think they should keep a check on the brush quality because they are not that cheap, so that we ignore it. But, overall I love the colors and quality of the product.

 Cotton Candy is a very beautiful light peachish pink color with pink glitter specs in it. You can hardly see it once you have applied on the nails. But, it really gives a shine to your nails. It's a very nude-ish pink color. I think it is good for summers as well as winters. But then again, I don't go with seasons :) It looks good on every skin tone I believe. And, you can wear it anywhere. It is for Rs.220/ .

How to make your nail polish last long?

 Making your nail color look fresh and last long is a question asked commonly. I used to hate when my nail polish chipped off and I had to go somewhere. Re-doing takes alot of time. So, all you girls who face this problem and doesn't know what to do, I have a tip for you. It really works. I have tried it and I usually do that before applying my nail polish.

TIP: Buff your nails with the 4 step buffer and then apply the nail polish. It will not chip off and will stay longer.

This is the nail buffer, with 4 steps. I hope you all know how to work with it, else the steps are written on the packet. You can get it easily from any supermarket or cosmetic shop. I got this from Naheed Supermarket for Rs.55/ . It comes in different colors and shapes. So, don't get confused with this color only.

I know after buffing, your nails look so pretty and shiny that you don't want to apply nail color on it. But, if you want to make your nail polish last a bit long and fresh without it chipping off, don't forget to buff it. I have tried alot of times and I always do. And trust me, it works.

I hope this review and tip was helpful, if you have this color, how do you find it? Which color you like to wear? Which colors do you own from Luscious brand? Do share it with me :)
Till next time, eat healthy, drink lots of water and look pretty :)


-Rabeeyah :)


  1. pretty color,i think price in a con too mayb bcoz im used to buying those 90 rs polishes but still it sometimes seems expensive
    n ya i agree with you brushes of some of them are bad quality.especially their shade black satin its not good n black nail polishes are suppose to be creamy but its nothing like that

  2. I could've added price in the cons but I think it's worth buying some of the colors from this brand. I added it, but then removed it. Really? I don't have that black one. Thanks for telling :)

  3. WOW! such a pretty color. you're right, I don't like their applicators too :( I wish they had good applicators. :)

    thanks for the tip on making the nail color last long :)

  4. Yeah they should work on the applicators.
    And, you're welcome :)

  5. at least i think black one is not good
    do a review on their polish valentine too you showed it in your valentine post.i was thinking abt purchasing it

  6. Hi Rabeeyah...

    Yea I agree with you...I buff my nails too after every manicure and also before applying nail enamels.

    Nails look fab after buffing them and I cant get my eyes off my shiny glossy buffed nails...


  7. really nice color!

  8. @ Maryam, I have one more which has a bad quality brush and this one too has hard bristles, which create lines. I have to be very careful while applying this because it is very light color

  9. @ Dipti, Hi! :) I knowww! I can't stop looking my nails after buffing them :D
    @ Syzia, thank you :) Will check your blog too :)

  10. @ Maryam, next nail color will be Valentine :)

  11. totally agree with you, some of them have really bad brushes :(

    i wish they'll solve this issue

    nice post rabeeyah :)
    especially about buffer, its been ages since i have done it...thanks for reminding me :P

  12. I wish they do. Once I did wrote on their page about the issue, but they blocked the facebook page. I even mailed them. But, let's see :)
    And, thanks Sidra for liking the post :)

  13. Hi Sidra,

    Nice to see you here......and one more thing I really like your name..


  14. AAh I really wish they had this brand in the U.K would have loved to try it!

  15. Aww @ pinksweets :) You can order them online. But, I guess you have much better brands in UK :)

  16. nice post Rabeeyah:)but i guess nail polish is one thing that is abundantly available here.Lots of cheaper options like Revlon etc.I am not too fond of spending too much on nail polishes.

  17. Thank you Shahtaj! :)
    Revlon? Why didn't I ever saw Revlon nail polishes. Actually there are much cheaper ones but most of them don't have good colors.


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