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Review - Lip colours

Today, I am going to be reviewing Nude or Light Pink shades of lipsticks. As I was requested to do so :) I love dark Pinks and Reds, but I don't wear them. They are too bold for me. And, I don't think so I will feel comfortable, though I love to wear them. Some of the girls wear it very easily and then I think why can't I. Sighh ... I will wear them some day. I have hot pinks and reds, but I usually mix a light shade with them. These are few shades from my collection of light pinks and nude. 
Let's get started and let me show you some of my collection.

These are few or five nude or light color lipsticks from different brands.  You can see the swatches. The 2nd and the 3rd pictures are lined according to the swatches. 

1st is Airy Fairy by Rimmel, It is my all time favorite color. I simply love this color. Wherever I am going, I apply this color. Usually, I apply this at day time. It is a beautiful light pink color, with gold tint to it. Gold tint is just for the glow or shine on the lips. It does not show up like a GOLD color. :)
2nd is Sublime by Luscious Cosmetics, it looks like a brownish pink shade, but it is a light brown shade with a gold sheen on it. The gold actually shows up a little bit in it. I have a picture with this color on my lips. :) It is a nice light color, but if you want a bit darker, you can always apply more coats of it.
*Tip* I mixed it with Luscious Lip couture in Paparazzi, and it gave an amazing color of pinkish brown color. Do try it!

3rd is Almond Creme by L'Oreal, it is the best and my favorite nude color ever. I don't know if it is the real or fake L'Oreal, because I bought it from a shop in a shopping center from a cosmetics shop. That man said that it is a real L'Oreal and most of the people told me that it is real. I never checked at L'Oreal counters. But, if you see it, do let me know. I will check it out too. Even if it is not real, I LOVE IT :D It is so creamy and smooth. I have applied it so much, you can tell that from the picture. I use it alone sometimes, or most of the times with some colors. I never wear one color. Usually I mix 2 or 3 colors.
4th is Crystal Pink by Estee Lauder, it is also a nude pink color. It looks a bit dark in the swatch, but when you apply it, it looks like you have applied a pink lip balm. But it has shone to it. Again, it depends on you that how many coats you apply.
5th and the last is Tasseled Taupe by Maybelline, it looks like a bit darker shade in the swatch, then the normal nude shade, but it doesn't look that dark when you apply to the lips. Again depend on the coats. I love this color too because I can wear it alone, and it doesn't wash me out as it has some earthy tones. And, earthy tones and nudes tends to wash you out. That's why I wear some light gloss with my nudes. But, if you have dark makeup on your eyes. You can wear this Maybelline color alone.

Here is the closer look of the lipsticks and the swatch of Sublime by Luscious Cosmetics, requested by one of my followers :)
You can see a little bit of gold specs and pink tones in the lipstick as well as on the lips.

So, these are the few light colors I own. Others are mostly in darker pink tones. I will review them soon too. I hope this review was helpful. If you have any questions, requests or anything, let me know. I am here to help you. Next will be the review about Luscious Eye shadows, which is also requested by one of my followers. I told you, this is a request week.

 Love you all <3


  1. thanks a ton dear, dis means alot :D:D
    a wonderful review in order to understand about nude shades.
    and btw i bought a candy pink shade by luscious, dats even a very nyc pinky colour.

  2. Oh I love all the shades you have. I myself am a huge fan of lighter shades especially nudes. :)

    I enjoyed your post a lot seriously. Thanks for sharing Rabeeyah ^ ^

  3. they are so good! :)
    i love all of them
    I myself only buy lighter ones! :)


  4. @ Sobia, aww you're welcome :) And, thank you! Candy pink, Coral and Haute pink by Luscious are on my Top List now :) So, I'm going to buy them soon :)
    @ Sara, THANK YOU so much :)
    @ Mehak, thank youu :)

  5. @ Silverstar, sorry I completely forgot to add the prices. 3 of the lipsticks were gifted to me. I bought L'Oreal for Rs.450, a year back and Luscious Sublime was also a gift, but I know the price which is Rs.440 :)

  6. i also bought a lip coture in muse shade, dat is even a mauve pinkish shade!

  7. I love that Muse shade aswell :) It is very pretty!

  8. very pretty colors rabeeyah :)


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