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Review - Glamorous 18 Makhmali Eye Shadow Palette

Hello beautiful girls,

 I reviewed about my favourite palette which was Glamorous 48+48 eye shadow palette. Now I have another palette for the girls who are looking for smaller palettes or who are new. I found this small palette by Glamorous which has 18 wet makhmali eye shadows in beautiful colours. It has all those colours which a starter needs or one who is looking for smaller palette with basic colours, it is good for them. As the name says, it has no matte colours. So, for all those of you who are looking for MAKHMALI colours. It is for you.

Glamorous eye shadow palettes are very pigmented. This is the second palette I bought. This is actually for my cousin, who is a starter aswell and needs those colours which are basic and at the same time pigmented aswell. I love the packaging of both the Glamorous palettes.

So, let me show you the new palette :)

I love the packaging of this cute little palette. It comes in a red box and off white casing in white bag, as you can see. The bigger palette was in black colour. Good thing about this palette is, it has a mirror and comes with 2 applicators. I noticed that, Makhmali colours are hard to apply with the brushes. It is easier to apply and blend with your fingers or with the sponge applicators. So, all those of you who use these makhmali colours, how do you find them? Is it easy to apply with fingers or brushes? Do comment below and let me know.

Now let me show you the beautiful colours inside.

These are the 18 beautiful colours. The basic ones which everyone needs or should have are gold, black, silver and brown. Else it has shades of pinks, greens, blues, dull gold and lighter shades of brown. Everything is in this small little palette. From highlighter to contour colours.
I didn't find any bad thing about this palette, else I would have shared. I love both the palettes. Good things are :

* Small in size & easy to carry anywhere. So, it can be a travelling kit :)
* All basic colours you need are in this paletter.
* Has a mirror.

* Has 2 sponge applicators.
* Last but not the least and the best part, it is just for Rs.300 only :D

I know, you all were waiting for the price of this palette. It is cheap! I found it at Naheed Supermarket, from where I do most of my shopping. It is super pigmented as it is Makhmali. When you apply makhmali colours, they give brightning effect to your eyes.

I hope you enjoyed reading the reviews and I hope you liked it.

Would I recommend? Yes! If you are new to makeup and you are looking for a good palette which is not too pricey, go for this one.

I hope it was helpful. IF you have anything to ask please comment below and ask me! If you have this palette, do share your views. I would love to know your views about it. Till next time.

Stay Beautiful :)


  1. OMG! this is so pretty :) LOVE IT. Man I am gonna hunt this down now :P

  2. YES! I know it is really pretty :D and so affordable :D Thanks to you who introduced me to Glamorous :)

  3. And now thanks to you for introducing this one :D

    You're very sweet and adorable. I have to say that I really enjoy your blog :)

  4. Awww! Thank you! You're such a sweetheart :)
    You know your blog and you inspired me :) I love reading your blog too :)

  5. Wow! This is amazing! Too bad I'm not in Pakistan! Hopefully I'll look for it when I go there!

  6. Nice Review Rabeeyah.... i got Rivaj UK 36 Colors Makhmali Eyeshadow Palette n' i really like it

  7. Aww Zainab! When you come down to Pakistan, get it. It will be available then. :)

    Thank you Fuchsia Magic! Really? Are they pigmented too? I haven't seen Rivaj products in Karachi. I am definitely going to look for it at Naheed Supermarket, next time I visit. :)

  8. Heyy can u find a place to order these makhmali shades online? Or where can we buy them in Karachi?

  9. Cureless, you can not buy them online but you will find these at any cosmetic shop or at Naheed Supermarket :)

  10. I recently gifted this palette to a friend based on your review ;D She LOVES it so its a testament to your awesome review :D

  11. i bought it before 2 looks good on my eyes ....awsm shades love it


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