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HAUL - The Body Shop!

Hello beautiful ladies :)

Today I have a Haul for you. This is my first ever haul. I blogged about this Mega sale of 25 % at The Body Shop which was on the 8th and 9th January. So,  I went to Naheed Supermarket yesterday, and had a good time shopping so many things.  I actually have 2 hauls for you girls. This haul is of The Body Shop and the next post will be the second haul about the other products I bought from Naheed Supermarket.

Let's get started and see what I grabbed from the SALE :)

These are the 5 products, which I bought from The Body Shop. Though I wanted to pick each and everything. The products of The Body Shop attracts you, because of the beautiful packaging. From single products to gift bags and boxes. They are pricey, but I guess worth buying.
The Body Shop is the original, natural and ethical brand. The products are animal cruelty free and vegetarian. 

As it is winters still, I bought body lotion, body butter, moisturizer, lip butter and compact powder.

Here is the closer look of each  product :

Shea Lip Butter

Compact Powder

Body Lotion


Body Butter

I am in love with all these products. Specially the lip butter and body butter, which I wanted for so long. I will do separate reviews on each products later. Let me know in the comment below, that, which product you want me to review first? 

Also let me know that, did you went and bought something from the sale? If yes then, what all you bought?

I hope you enjoyed the haul, will be coming up with the reviews soon.

The products I will recommed buying: Body butter and Lip butter. Though they are pricey, but worth buying.

Stay Beautiful :)

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Let's get started!
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