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Review - Luscious Cosmetics Eyeshadows.

Single eye shadows, with good pigmentation and less price is hard to find. Today, I will review some of the Luscious Cosmetics eye shadows that I own. You all are aware of this brand now.

Here are some of the eyeshadows I own.
The eye shadows come in a black box, decent and sturdy casing.

What does Luscious Cosmetics say about their eyeshadow? Luscious Eyeshadows are luxuriously creamy, rich and blendable. They are packed with intense color that will never crease or fade away. Enhance your eyes with delicate shimmer and a plush, velvety finish.
My Experience:
I agree with what Luscious say about their eyeshadows. They are pigmented, rich, creamy and easy to blend. They make your eyes look bright and enhance them, as they have shimmer to it. They are very pretty and rich. Though, they have a very small collection of shades, but all of them are pretty and can be used easily and are made for Asian tones. Almost all of them has shimmer and they give a makhmalli touch to your eyes. They instantl…

Girly's Beauty Blog's Giveaway!

Leslie of Girly's Beauty Blog is having another giveaway! Her 300+ followers giveaway. Congratulations Leslie :)

 The contest is opened Internationally.  It ends on 28th February 2011.  She is giving out amazing things. Enter now! :)
Here is the link to her blog Girly's Beauty Blog Giveaway!

Review - Lip colours

Today, I am going to be reviewing Nude or Light Pink shades of lipsticks. As I was requested to do so :) I love dark Pinks and Reds, but I don't wear them. They are too bold for me. And, I don't think so I will feel comfortable, though I love to wear them. Some of the girls wear it very easily and then I think why can't I. Sighh ... I will wear them some day. I have hot pinks and reds, but I usually mix a light shade with them. These are few shades from my collection of light pinks and nude. 
Let's get started and let me show you some of my collection.

These are few or five nude or light color lipsticks from different brands.  You can see the swatches. The 2nd and the 3rd pictures are lined according to the swatches. 

1st is Airy Fairy by Rimmel, It is my all time favorite color. I simply love this color. Wherever I am going, I apply this color. Usually, I apply this at day time. It is a beautiful light pink color, with gold tint to it. Gold tint is just for the glow or …

Tagged for a Stylish Blog Award!

Hey beautiful girls!

I have been tagged and awarded first time as  a  Stylish Blogger Award  by Madiha's Makeup Blog ( MAKEUP MANIAC) . Thank you Madiha for the award! :) So sweet of you! :) Here is the link to her blog Madiha's Blog

Here is the award :) *applause* :D

      Rules for the award:
Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your blog.Tell us 7 things about yourself.Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers.Contact these bloggers and let them know they've recieved the award(s).

I am really happy to get this award. I don't know 15 bloggers, but I know some and I will give them :)

7 things about ME :

1. I love painting, I am an artist too.
2. I am a tution teacher and I am teaching since 2003 :) after I completed my 10th.
3. I love cooking.
4. I had passion for makeup since my childhood and I use to do my little cousin's makeup with either her mother's makeup or our baby makeup products :)
5. I love shopping for makeup and shoes. :D

Review - Luscious Cosmetics Blush-on!

This week all the posts will be the ones requested by you girls. I have noted them down and I will go accordingly :) Starting with Luscious Cosmetics BLUSH.

I am going to review both of my blushes together today. The 2 shades I am going to review are:
1. Night Life.
2. Sparkle.
Luscious Cosmetics:Made with multi-toned pigments and light-reflecting shimmer, nothing brings a dull complexion to life like a sweep of Luscious Blush. It imparts soft healthy glow to your face and blends like a dream.
Our blushes can be worn in a single shade for a hint of a color or layered with another shade to create seductive depth.

My Experience:

Luscious blushes are quite pigmented and stays put for good 4 to 5 hours. Almost all of the blushes have shimmer or sheen in them - some of you might not like it, because of the shimmer in them. Luscious has now discontinued Night Life, but they have other blush with a new name, Peach Melba; it is almost like Night Life. 
Sparkle is a pretty shimmery pink color…

Lucious Mineral Power Contest - Prize!

Hey Beautiful girls! 

How are you doing today? I hope you are on my FACEBOOK page and enjoying the contest I just started. Have fun! :)

Today I am going to show you what I got from Luscious as a winning prize, as requested by some of the girls :) For those of you who doesn't know about the on going contest on Luscious Cosmetics fan page on Facebook, click HERE for more info.

Okay, so I entered this  Mineral Power Contest on Luscious Cosmetics fan page. And, won a gift hamper worth Rs. 5000. Exciting right? If you haven't entered yet, you should :) All the best to the girls who have already entered.

The Things I got :

List of things :
* Luscious Face whitening base.
* Blush on in colour NIGHT LIFE.
* Eye shadow in colours Misty, Smoke, Moonbeam, Royal, Thunder and Deep Forest.
* Incredible Lash Mascara.

* Chocolate Brown eye pencil.
* Lip Couture in Paparazzi.
* Lipstick in Sublime.

I am totally in love with all of these things. Though I already have 3 shades of eye shadows which are Mist…

50+ Fans CONTEST

Hey Beautiful girls,

I am so excited today. As, I reached 50+ fans on my Facebook Page. And 37 followers on my BLOG :) I have started a contest on my FACEBOOK page. It is all about INSPIRATIONAL MAKEUP. It is open only for Pakistanis.

Sorry Girls,
but next time the giveaway will be INTERNATIONAL :) So keep following my blog.
Here is the LINK
to my facebook page.

All the Pakistani girls, get started :D

Enjoy and Stay Beautiful :)

<3 you all !!

Review - The Body Shop's Lip Butter.

SHEA Lip Butter:
Hey beautiful girls,

Today I am going to review Shea Lip Butter of  THE BODY SHOP! It was requested by most of the girls, so, it's for you :)

The Body Shop says - about the product:

The 2 key ingredients in it are : Shea Butter and Organic beeswax. 

Shea Butter :  Moisturizes and helps soften the skin.

Organic Beeswax : Moisturizes and helps to condition dry skin, especially on your lips and around your fingernail beds. Acts as a barrier that helps to seal in moisture. Helps to keep product texture consistent when used overtime.

Best for : Dry skin.

The SHEA lip butter is best for dry lips in winters, as it has beeswax and shea butter which keeps your lips soft and moisturized.  It has vitamin A and E, which helps to protect and nourish the skin. Beeswax conditions and acts as a barrier and seals the moisture inside.

My views: I bought it a week back, and I am using it daily just to give you a true review about it. I kind of like this product. It does what it says. It h…

Review - Glamorous 18 Makhmali Eye Shadow Palette

Hello beautiful girls,

 I reviewed about my favourite palette which was Glamorous 48+48 eye shadow palette. Now I have another palette for the girls who are looking for smaller palettes or who are new. I found this small palette by Glamorous which has 18 wet makhmali eye shadows in beautiful colours. It has all those colours which a starter needs or one who is looking for smaller palette with basic colours, it is good for them. As the name says, it has no matte colours. So, for all those of you who are looking for MAKHMALI colours. It is for you.

Glamorous eye shadow palettes are very pigmented. This is the second palette I bought. This is actually for my cousin, who is a starter aswell and needs those colours which are basic and at the same time pigmented aswell. I love the packaging of both the Glamorous palettes.

So, let me show you the new palette :)

I love the packaging of this cute little palette. It comes in a red box and off white casing in white bag, as you can see. The bigger p…

HAUL - The Body Shop!

Hello beautiful ladies :)

Today I have a Haul for you. This is my first ever haul. I blogged about this Mega sale of 25 % at The Body Shop which was on the 8th and 9th January. So,  I went to Naheed Supermarket yesterday, and had a good time shopping so many things.  I actually have 2 hauls for you girls. This haul is of The Body Shop and the next post will be the second haul about the other products I bought from Naheed Supermarket.

Let's get started and see what I grabbed from the SALE :)

These are the 5 products, which I bought from The Body Shop. Though I wanted to pick each and everything. The products of The Body Shop attracts you, because of the beautiful packaging. From single products to gift bags and boxes. They are pricey, but I guess worth buying.
The Body Shop is the original, natural and ethical brand. The products are animal cruelty free and vegetarian. 

As it is winters still, I bought body lotion, body butter, moisturizer, lip butter and compact powder.

Here is the …



All the lovers of The Body Shop products, there is a Mega Sale of 25% on all the products, all over Pakistan. On the 8th and 9th January 2011. So, rush to your nearest outlet of The Body Shop  and grab what you want.
It is winter time, best thing to pick up will be Body butter, moisturising creams and body scrubs. I am so excited and will be visiting The Body Shop outlet tomorrow at either Naheed Supermarket or at The Dolmen Mall, Karachi.
Enjoy your shopping and do tell me what YOU shopped from The Body Shop.
Till then, Stay Beautiful :)

Girly's Beauty Blog's Giveaway!

Girly's Beauty Blog GIveaway!

Leslie of Girly's Beauty Blog is having her first giveaway, with amazing gifts. It is open internationally.  The rules are very easy. Enter Here

My 2010 Favourites!

Hello beautiful girls, 

I hope you all had a beautiful day. Today the post is all about My Favourites of 2010. I have been working on this since long, gathering things which I used the most or which were my favourites of 2010. Finally, I came up with these things, which I loved and used the most in 2010. So, let's get started.

These are some of the products from hair care to beauty products.

These products I used throughout the year and they are still my favourites :) It includes hair care, body scrub, make up products and my favourite fragrance since years.

In 2010, I was obsessed with body scrubs and I am still obsessed with them. But, it doesn't mean I scrub daily. Ofcourse, once a week only. I love the smell of the skin after scrubbing and the way it feels. 

The list of  My 2010 Favourites :
1. Hugo Boss - Women perfume.
2. Salon Chic - Straightening Mist.
3. Pond's Flawless white - Face wash.
4.  Luscious Face - Ultra protective whitening UV base.
5. Luscious Face - Flawless F…

Review - Karaja Mascara

Hello beautiful girls, 

I hope you all had amazing new year's eve. Today I have a review about Mascara. I personally love this product. So, you can say it as  my favourite too. :)

Why do we use Mascara? 
It is a cosmetic commonly used to enhance the eyes, darkens, thickens, lengthens, colour and/or define the eyelashes.

Karaja is one of the brands I personally love. The products I have used of Karaja are all very nice and pigmented. I am in love with all of their products. They are not too expensive. Everyone can afford to buy them.
I love it's silvery packaging.

KARAJA :Instant Lash Extension and Volume sculpting.
Made in Italy.

They say :
It gives lashes a magnificient, immediate lengthening effect. It's soft, creamy volumising formula gently slips onto lashes helping growth and protecting them from dehydration through a complex nutrient based on Pro-vitamin B5 and almond oil.

My experience: It really helps in volumising your lashes, as it's innovative applicator has tiny …